There it is again. Staring at the blank screen and the cursor blink. I am trying to keep it together. I think I might have to change the city. I have faith that I would get some work in Porto. I am trying, sending my application for all kinds of jobs. Getting rejected and applying again. I have a hard time finding a job. But there are people around me, with a good heart who help me as they can. I am thankful for them and wonder how did this happen. People helped me without wanting anything in return.

I don’t want to let them down. I want to work and make money. I am still keeping my creative side by writing every day here. or at least I try yo. Just putting my thoughts in order and fighting a good fight. Doesn’t have to be your version of good because it’s mine and I do however I can in my concept of good and bad. No. I don’t have an “Only God can judge me now” tattoo.

I have a mindset of a fighter. A warrior. It helps me a lot in some extreme situations. It sometimes makes me do some extreme things too. It’s a battle in itself.

I say I was fortunate enough that I found what I wanted to do from a very young age. I was lost again for a while but I was always in the entertainment and arts field. Even when I say this. I don’t have my life figured out. I am still trying to learn new things myself it has been a long journey and it keeps going on.

Sometimes you're put in some situations because God wants to know if you're capable enough to get the blessing he wants you to have. It’s a test.

I should smoke a cigarette.

I want to write something worth meaningful sharing with the world. Until then I write and write just to get my brain muscles working and on their toes.



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Musician, Writer and Video creator. Doing right by me.