Here he is again. He was staring at the blank screens and other people in the hostel. It has been a minute since he’s been spending some time here. But he has been out, for something. He’s meeting new people, new musicians. He drops a paper and goes to a carnival. there’s one connection getting strong.

But this hostel is now his place to sit and reflect. Write something, drink, have a good time and all that jazz. But he wants to make some money to survive. It’s still a new country and it’s just been 3 months and the language is hard to learn. He will do it eventually. He’s probably going to get something. He doesn't want much. Just the bare necessities and he’ll be good and make his music.

His music taste is expanding and recently he has started listening to Ray Charles again. He’s listening to Tim Maia. A Brazilian musician and he likes his vibe. He jammed the other day after almost 4 months. All the war and walking felt worth it after he played with some musicians. It has been a good choice to move forward from Poland to come here.

Sure that choice has its own consequences and this one has left him broke but a dream is alive and the will is burning and has been turning to make an attack. He needs music and he’s been keeping creating.

He’s having his moment of temptation but he’s trying not to give in. He’s working on it.

He has to be focused. He’s got it all, whatever is required to get a dream afoot.



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