Growing up. Growing old. Growing.

Man, I wish I could tell you the difference between all of it. But when you have made up your mind since you were 16 as to what you want to do with your life, all you can think looking back is the countless sacrifices and lonely nights.

When you’re making your own way you sometimes tend to get a little bit distracted. When you are in your late teens' sex drive is high, we run after shiny things only to find out it was a penny. Make these dumb theories about ourselves and the people we meet. because let’s face it television, the internet and now fucking reels are advocating some behaviours which will only take you far. We seem to forget, people doing that want you to not do anything and just go around in circles.

It is just for people who think are smart for schools and down they go in this information which will not take them far. They’ll feel good about themselves for a while but what’s the point when you can’t use your mind?

Weak people all around finding people like them so they feel that they are right. This is all because of the stupid glad-handing behaviour the people in high places use to make you feel you are worthy.

Society has gladly accepted toxic behaviours in the name of love. If you love me to do this, if you love me you’ll stay no matter what I do, if you love me to shut up, if you love me suck on this and all.

And making the other person feel like shit if she/he stands up for themselves. Some patterns are only because of shit they feed you through fancy movies/series or stupid reels or TikTok. Creativity is out of the window, and the majority of people helped to push it out because as they say “everyone is creative and talented.” if that's the case, you should've seen the last dump I took. Totally worthy to be Put in an art gallery.

Now, it’s better to work on yourself if you have a dream and work on that skill, stay in your lane and don’t get discouraged when no one likes you. Chances are they can’t do what you do or have a hard time accepting the fact that you and they came from the same place and can’t do it like you.

Everyone talks about sacrifices and being broke and romanticise the chase but it's not. there are times when you’ll think that’s it. and the majority of people tap out and look for an easy way out.

It is hard, it will always be. You gotta be headstrong in your mission and flexible in your approaches. people will join you if they like it. People will despise you because you are doing it and they can’t.

If my sacrifices could speak, if my lonely nights could cry, If the painful practices could laugh.

There’s no blueprint for anything. there’s you and sometimes you don’t even know what will work unless you do it.

Don’t chase. Attract. keep doing you and keep on making the way. if anyone comes in your lane and challenges you, run them over. there’s no time for forgiveness in that. you have rest all to forgive and all that jazz. Be a fucking silverback.

Maybe I'm a different breed. Maybe I'm just right.




Musician, Writer and Video creator. Doing right by me.

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Musician, Writer and Video creator. Doing right by me.

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